Town of Ardmore Receives $40,000 Grant For Community Park

State Senator Tim Melson (R-Florence) recently announced a community grant for the Town of Ardmore. The grant was awarded through funding from the Alabama Mountains, Rivers & Valleys Resource Conservation & Development (AMRV-RC&D) Council’s grant program. This grant will go toward projects to deliver improvements in Ardmore.

“These projects will give residents a safe location to enjoy while also improving the development and desirability of these wonderful Alabama communities,” Sen. Melson said. “I appreciate AMRV-RC&D for its investment to help address pressing public needs, and I look forward to seeing the positive impacts that will come from these projects.”

Ardmore Mayor Billy Shannon applauded Senator Tim Melson’s efforts to obtain funding for these projects.

“This project will benefit the town of Ardmore by providing LED lighting and correcting drainage issues. Enhancing quality of life is a priority for us,” Ardmore Mayor Billy Shannon said. “This project will certainly provide our citizens more opportunities for outdoor recreation, and Senator Melson was instrumental in guiding us to AMRV-RC&D. Without his support, the project would not have been done. We also want to thank AMRV-RC&D for their support. They are a pleasure to work with.”

AMRV-RC&D Executive Director Renona Seibert thanked Senator Tim Melson for his continued partnership.

“We have a great partnership with our legislators,” Seibert said. “Senator Melson has prioritized making sure this area receives the funds it needs to be successful, and we are thankful for his support and leadership to provide RC&D the resources needed to deliver to local citizens.”

The funding for the project includes:

A total of $40,000 to the town of Ardmore, Alabama, to provide new lighting and dirt work at the community park. This project will improve living conditions for Ardmore residents by providing an enhanced outdoor space to congregate, exercise, and hold town events.

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