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Kenneth and Louise Ferguson opened Ferguson LP Gas here in Ardmore 35 years ago.  Kenneth Ferguson had worked for other propane companies in his past but decided to start his own company in 1984.  Today it is a second-generation family-owned business, and this is rare in this type of business.  Mike Ferguson, Dickie Ferguson, and Dana Ferguson are Kenneth and Louise Ferguson’s children and are the present owners and operators of Ferguson LP Gas. 

The business provides propane to heat homes, farms, and businesses.  They also sell gas appliances and provide service for their customers. 

Ardmore’s location has 10 employees and Athens’ location has 5 employees.  They service customers within a 40-mile radius of Ardmore.  When asked what keeps them going because many times it is difficult to keep a business going in a small community, they told me it is the Ardmore community.  Ardmore has been very kind to their business, and they do their best to be a part of the community.

When asked how their family has been impacted by the business, they told me they were raised in the business and this was part of their life.  When their Dad passed away, they divided the responsibilities of the business and they worked together and have continued to do so their entire lives and have not had any problems.  During the winter months, they sometimes miss a holiday because they are taking care of their customers.

When asked what they want the business to be best known and remembered for, they want customers to remember that they were a fair company and that they helped people in the community and that they were involved with community organizations.

I found out that as a company, they also support charitable organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which many of us have had family members assisted by over the years.  Over the past couple of years, they have had several fundraisers and with the support of the community, they have raised over $6,000.00 for Sr. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Ferguson LP Gas has worked hard to bring the best service to their customers when they are called upon.  Unlike many larger companies, when you call Ferguson LP Gas emergency number, you can speak to someone and not to a machine.  If you are in Athens or Petersburg, Ferguson LP Gas is associated with their cooperate name Local Peoples Gas.

We are fortunate to have Mike, Dickie, and Dana Ferguson and their wonderful staff with Ferguson LP Gas here in Ardmore.

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